Time to Think

Well, I just started my second week of nannying. The first week went pretty well with the exception of the first day. The first day was honestly a little scary and overwhelming. The one year old I am watching was getting used to the idea of me being there with him and it was really hard on both of us. He cried for what felt like the entire day and once I had fed him, changed his diaper, and gotten him up from a nap, I didn’t know what else he could be crying about! I felt so incredibly helpless that I couldn’t help this little human and make him feel better. Looking back, I’m pretty sure he was just missing his mommy and still a little apprehensive about me being there. The next couple days improved with him crying less, and me crying less, too.

I really like the family I’m working with and the child is definitely growing on me. However, the arrangement will not be long term. It would be nice if I could continue until May, but I’m sure they’ll appreciate having their regular nanny back. This job has given me a lot more time to think about life and what exactly I want to be doing with mine. There is a common trend of advice that has been given to me many times recently and that is how I am in this stage of life where I can do just about anything. I should go try new things and get into areas of study that I won’t be able to experience 5 or 10 years from now. Sounds pretty reasonable, right? Sure, but I am also a future thinker and I want to make sure that the career or job field I get into will be a good fit for a newly married couple, but also a family.

I have many mixed feelings about jobs for the time being. I know I won’t be able to find the perfect job, but at least could it be something that I look forward to each day? A job where I don’t mind getting up early as much because I love what I do? I’m positive that something like that exists for me. Lifeguarding was like that. Unfortunately, even in sunny Florida the pools are closed from November-March so that’s not exactly ideal. Some of the characteristics I’m looking for in a job are flexibility, enjoyment, spiritual environment, and an element of variety. With lifeguarding, the element of variety would be the weather and people. Sometimes I would get off work early due to weather and there were always different people coming to the pool. With teaching, there’s always an element of variety. There are occasional snow days or assemblies, fun events such as the 100th day of school or reward parties, and plenty of other variety in a classroom setting.

I’ve contemplated finding a job where I can work from home because that would give me a good bit of flexibility. I haven’t totally given up on teaching, but there just isn’t anything available at the moment. My tentative plan is to get a teaching job next year and see how it goes. Other jobs I’ve thought about include a receptionist (preferably at a spa, but I would also be willing to try a doctors office, clinic, or a church office, etc.), Zumba instructor, background singer, songwriter, event coordinator, proofreader, and probably a few others that I’m even less likely to become.

Robert has pointed out to me that the reasons I give for not wanting to work a certain job are generally because the jobs are unfamiliar and that scares me. I don’t know exactly what to expect and what my day will look like. Since I’ve had a few “first day” experiences lately, I dread first days because they are unknown, for the most part, and I really don’t like not knowing. I almost wanna go back to the drawing board and start job shadowing people who have careers that interest me. Everything looks easier on the outside looking in than when you’re actually performing the job yourself. I’m also considering working part-time, if our budget can handle it, of course. I’m just throwing out all my thoughts and ideas that have been rolling around in my mind lately. Please leave me some feedback! Tell me what you think or if you have any suggestions for me. Thanks!



Temporary Full Time Job

I found a temporary full time job! Yay! I met with a family this morning and met their 2 kids. They have an almost one year old boy (birthday in one week!) and a three year old girl. Their three year old will be at day care during the day so I’ll just have the one year old to myself. I’m super excited about it! They have a beautiful home only 15 minutes from where we live and a friendly dog, too. I start on Tuesday and I will have him M-F, 8-6 on a typical week. I will only be with this family for a month while their regular nanny is out of town, so I’m sure it will go by very quickly.

A few days ago I had my second interview with Varsity Tutors and I was able to sign a contract with them to tutor students online in various subjects including Reading, Literature, Phonics, Writing, Essay Editing, Grammar, Public Speaking, Study Skills and Organization, and Elementary Math. I plan on holding off taking any tutoring jobs until I start nannying, so I can get an idea of what a typical week will look like for me. As of right now, I just have a lot of little jobs, so I am still looking for something full time to finish out Robert’s graduate school year.

I recently interviewed at The Academy, a small Christian school/preschool that is a ministry of the church we attend. I had a really good experience talking to and interacting with the assistant director. Unfortunately, they don’t have any grade school positions open at this time and could only offer me positions in their infant room, 2 year old room, etc. Definitely not where I want to be at this point. It was very encouraging when she prayed with me just before I left. I was able to meet the director on my way out, who also encouraged me to come back in 10 months for the Fall of 2016 and apply again for potential openings in their elementary school.

On a more festive note, I received my monthly package from my mom and put up all my January decor today! I love decorating and making our apartment more home-y. It’s been really hard having all this extra time and not being able to go spend it shopping for items for the apartment. Hopefully, next month I’ll be able to purchase something new for the living room or otherwise. Well, new to us. I’d really like to get a sofa in addition to the one we have (since we can’t get rid of the one we have because it came with the apartment and it’s SUPER uncomfortable…not). I’d also like to get a shoe rack in the hall and an end table for the living room. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures from my decorating of the day! Don’t forget to leave any comments down below! I want to hear from my readers! 😉 Have a great Saturday!


And the Job Search Continues…

I feel a little lazy staying home most of the day, just doing household chores while everyone else is back to school and off to work. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely enjoying the extended time off! It’s amazing how stressless I have been feeling the past couple of days. I even made a delicious meal for us the other night! Crockpot Italian Chicken, loaded mashed potatoes, and broccoli with cheese. So yummy! Visit my pinterest for the chicken recipe: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/503277327088142254/ 


Any who, Robert started back to school yesterday. He has 3 classes MWF and he teaches 2 Calculus classes on Thursdays. As for me, I was offered a sub nanny job for a month. It starts on January 18, and having the temporary job will give me more time to nail down another temporary job until the summer. Haha. Sounds great. I’m also going through an interview process to be an online tutor. I had a phone interview yesterday and my follow-up video interview is next week. I have to take some assessments to prove my knowledge of the subjects I’m interested in tutoring, which I should probably be working on now, but hey, I have until Tuesday before my interview starts!

I’m excited to start the tutoring job because it pays really well, but Robert thinks it will be hard to earn a lot of hours tutoring. He should know, he has had plenty of experience tutoring math. I have applied for so many jobs at this point, I’ve lost count. I’ve applied to at least 3 teaching positions, nannying, tutoring, and also swimming pool maintenance. I’m praying that God will open doors for me and show me where he wants me to be working.

Please continue praying for us as Robert begins his second semester of grad school and I continue my job search. Thanks for being supportive!


Introduction to Blondie’s Blog

Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe 2015 is already over! I can’t believe I will have been engaged for one year on January 2nd. It’s crazy how the older you get, the faster time seems to fly by. I’m excited to see what 2016 will bring, but there have been some pretty amazing events and memories that I won’t forget from 2015.

My engagement to Robert was obviously a memorable moment, not to mention the surprise after party with our wedding party, family, and pastor. What an amazing night that was! Then of course all the wedding planning for 5 months. You all know how much of a planner I am, so the 5 months leading up to our wedding was ALMOST as enjoyable as our actual wedding day. Our honeymoon following was like a dream and I can’t wait to continue making memories with my best friend.

We moved into my late grandfather’s house and enjoyed our summer, with me working as a lifeguard (my all time favorite job) and Robert working with my dad doing construction jobs. As our summer neared an end, we packed up all the necessities and moved to Gainesville, Florida.

The first month or two was very difficult as this was our first time being so far away from our friends and family. Robert is pursuing a graduate degree in Mathematics and teaching Calculus to undergraduate students. As for me, I was able to find a job almost immediately working with 3 year olds at a preschool. Since my degree is K-6, I was not prepared for teaching kids this young. The job became very stressful because I was responsible for 15 kids by myself and I didn’t feel like I could safely supervise that many at once.

I put in my 2 weeks notice shortly before Christmas Break, so I am currently putting out applications for teaching jobs. I also had an interview for a nanny agency before we left for break, but I’m praying for God to open the door to where He wants me to be.

My plan for this blog is to keep friends and family up to date on a weekly basis. I encourage everyone to comment, ask questions, and leave feedback so that it’s more of a 2 way dialogue. Make sure to check back for new posts!