Introduction to Blondie’s Blog

Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe 2015 is already over! I can’t believe I will have been engaged for one year on January 2nd. It’s crazy how the older you get, the faster time seems to fly by. I’m excited to see what 2016 will bring, but there have been some pretty amazing events and memories that I won’t forget from 2015.

My engagement to Robert was obviously a memorable moment, not to mention the surprise after party with our wedding party, family, and pastor. What an amazing night that was! Then of course all the wedding planning for 5 months. You all know how much of a planner I am, so the 5 months leading up to our wedding was ALMOST as enjoyable as our actual wedding day. Our honeymoon following was like a dream and I can’t wait to continue making memories with my best friend.

We moved into my late grandfather’s house and enjoyed our summer, with me working as a lifeguard (my all time favorite job) and Robert working with my dad doing construction jobs. As our summer neared an end, we packed up all the necessities and moved to Gainesville, Florida.

The first month or two was very difficult as this was our first time being so far away from our friends and family. Robert is pursuing a graduate degree in Mathematics and teaching Calculus to undergraduate students. As for me, I was able to find a job almost immediately working with 3 year olds at a preschool. Since my degree is K-6, I was not prepared for teaching kids this young. The job became very stressful because I was responsible for 15 kids by myself and I didn’t feel like I could safely supervise that many at once.

I put in my 2 weeks notice shortly before Christmas Break, so I am currently putting out applications for teaching jobs. I also had an interview for a nanny agency before we left for break, but I’m praying for God to open the door to where He wants me to be.

My plan for this blog is to keep friends and family up to date on a weekly basis. I encourage everyone to comment, ask questions, and leave feedback so that it’s more of a 2 way dialogue. Make sure to check back for new posts!



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