Temporary Full Time Job

I found a temporary full time job! Yay! I met with a family this morning and met their 2 kids. They have an almost one year old boy (birthday in one week!) and a three year old girl. Their three year old will be at day care during the day so I’ll just have the one year old to myself. I’m super excited about it! They have a beautiful home only 15 minutes from where we live and a friendly dog, too. I start on Tuesday and I will have him M-F, 8-6 on a typical week. I will only be with this family for a month while their regular nanny is out of town, so I’m sure it will go by very quickly.

A few days ago I had my second interview with Varsity Tutors and I was able to sign a contract with them to tutor students online in various subjects including Reading, Literature, Phonics, Writing, Essay Editing, Grammar, Public Speaking, Study Skills and Organization, and Elementary Math. I plan on holding off taking any tutoring jobs until I start nannying, so I can get an idea of what a typical week will look like for me. As of right now, I just have a lot of little jobs, so I am still looking for something full time to finish out Robert’s graduate school year.

I recently interviewed at The Academy, a small Christian school/preschool that is a ministry of the church we attend. I had a really good experience talking to and interacting with the assistant director. Unfortunately, they don’t have any grade school positions open at this time and could only offer me positions in their infant room, 2 year old room, etc. Definitely not where I want to be at this point. It was very encouraging when she prayed with me just before I left. I was able to meet the director on my way out, who also encouraged me to come back in 10 months for the Fall of 2016 and apply again for potential openings in their elementary school.

On a more festive note, I received my monthly package from my mom and put up all my January decor today! I love decorating and making our apartment more home-y. It’s been really hard having all this extra time and not being able to go spend it shopping for items for the apartment. Hopefully, next month I’ll be able to purchase something new for the living room or otherwise. Well, new to us. I’d really like to get a sofa in addition to the one we have (since we can’t get rid of the one we have because it came with the apartment and it’s SUPER uncomfortable…not). I’d also like to get a shoe rack in the hall and an end table for the living room. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures from my decorating of the day! Don’t forget to leave any comments down below! I want to hear from my readers! 😉 Have a great Saturday!



One thought on “Temporary Full Time Job

  1. Wow! You really have a lot of good things going on. I’ll be excited to hear what you think about spending your day with a one-year-old. And only 15 minutes away, sounds like a perfect set up. Will you have the three-year-old at all ? Like before or after preschool?

    It sounds like you’re laying a lot of good groundwork for the next few months and also for when you return in the fall.

    I’m so happy you like your decorations! It’s not a whole lot but a few little things to make your apartment more seasonal 😘


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