It’s Hard to Tell

The family I was going to start nannying for with the three month old decided they didn’t want me after all since I have no experience with infants. This is obviously a little frustrating since I just turned down yet another job offer from a school because I had already committed to nanny for this family. So basically I had my ‘Spring Break’ early I suppose. I was on call two days this week, but never actually had to work. Robert started his Spring Break this week, but I’ll be filling in wherever Christy needs me to nanny this week. At the moment, it looks like I’ll be watching three kids (ages 7, 5 and 3) for a couple hours each day next week.

After talking with Robert, we decided I should call the school and see if the job had been filled. I was only able to talk to the secretary of the school and she didn’t seem to know too much about it, so I have another interview on Monday at the Academy. I’m not exactly sure what I’m interviewing for which makes me a little nervous. When the assistant director called the first time to offer me the job, she only shared the hours I’d be working and mentioned that the position was in the Elementary School (Academy is also a preschool). The secretary said the interview on Monday would be to discuss the job description. I just hope the job doesn’t run through the summer, because it will be pointless for me to even go to the interview if that’s the case.

Prayers will definitely be appreciated!

On a happier note, we decided to get Robert a new bike! It’s really sweet and he’s really been enjoying riding it to school instead of having to ride the bus. wp-1456710488460.jpg

I was also able to complete my DIY wreath! I’m really proud of how it turned out. I think it looks pretty neutral so I can keep it up year round. I’ll probably make another one at Christmastime. wp-1456710492888.jpg

I’ve worked on a few other projects this week too. I saved a cereal box and cut it into the shape of a magazine holder. I found some purple and blue chevron duct tape to cover the box. Unfortunately, I ran out of tape, but I only left one inside section of the box uncovered. My other little project was taking a few envelopes, licking each one and sticking them together to make a wall decoration to hold coupons and receipts for various items. It sounds cheap and tacky, but it actually turned out really cute! I printed really nice labels for each envelope and glued them on to make it more decorative. I also started working on a puzzle! It has puppies on it playing in paint and making a huge mess. Well, now that I’ve officially bored most of you with this post, I’ll end it here. Miss all of you and thanks for keeping up with my blog!



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