Florida: Year No. 2

Hello again! I took a nice long break from writing over the summer and let me just tell you, it was a wonderful ‘vacation’ since we had been away from home for so long. We had a great time on the Momentum Retreat and enjoyed a beautiful wedding in Pennsylvania, while catching up with some of our friends. Following that trip, we left the next day for Virginia Beach to celebrate our one year anniversary! I’m amazed that a year has already flown by with my amazing man. We had a wonderful time on our dinner cruise, visiting Ocean Breeze Waterpark, and simply enjoying some relaxing time on the beach.

We had 2 bonfires over the summer as well where we had a great turn out both times! The most memorable trip from this summer would definitely be my first missions trip . The young adults from my church took a bus down to Southern, WV where they had been affected by a flood. We were able to help the residents by tearing out the walls and flooring of their homes down to the studs so that professionals could come in and replace everything that had rotted and molded. One of the houses Robert and I worked in had flood waters up to the roof and the house had been completely underwater.

It was truly an eye-opening experience as we were able to meet some of the homeowners and talk with them about what happened the night of the flood and everything they went through to survive. Some other events that happened over summer were visiting the drive-in movie theater to see Ice Age: Collision Course and The Secret Life of Pets with some really awesome ladies (and one gent). Robert and I also got to take a ride on my uncle’s boat on the Potomac River and do some tubing. Personally, I just like laying out on the boat and enjoying the nice breeze, but water sports are fun too.

Robert had his 23rd birthday and we celebrated by going to Flip Over Gymnastics where he learned how to do a back flip! He was so excited. We also went to Old Town in Winchester with my family for dinner at El Centro Mexican Restaurant. He got to wear the sombrero and the staff sang to him and put ice cream on his nose. It was so funny. One of the last events we enjoyed before heading back was a late night out at Applebee’s with our young adult church group. I was so thankful for my pastor’s daughter, Elianna, who sang karaoke with me. We all had a great time.

Last, but not least, Robert and I had the privilege of finding out the gender of my best friends baby! She will be having a little girl named Elizabeth Marie in January. I am so excited for her and I really hope I get to be there when she is born.

On August 19, we hit the road for Gainesville, Florida, decided to take interstate 81 most of the way, but regretted that decision shortly into the trip. After running into not one, not two, but three different accidents before getting onto interstate 77 near Charlotte, NC, we will be taking the I-95 route from now on. Oh…and I almost forgot to mention our one little mishap before we even left WV…well…my little mishap. Robert had tied down his bike to the roof rack of the Escape and I accidentally drove under our car port and bent the fork pretty bad and knocked the tire off. I called him right away and told him what happened to his bike, but I probably freaked him out on the phone since I was hysterical. Hopefully we can get it fixed soon. I still feel terrible about messing up his nice bike.

On a happier note, Robert’s first day of school went well yesterday and I had my first interview for a job with Gleim Publications. The company publishes textbooks, audiobooks, and provides online courses in aviation and accounting. Pretty random I thought, but anyway I applied to be a proofreader and what I thought was going to be an interview was simply a skills assessment. I took several different tests including a speed typing test, 2 scanning-for-errors test (one was for computer programming type errors and the other was for printing errors), a spelling test, and a fill in the blank test. Needless to say, it took me three hours and my fingernails were purple…not because I painted them…I was just that cold.

When I left Gleim, I wasn’t feeling like it was the right place for me. They’re supposed to call me in the next week or so to schedule an actual interview, so we’ll see how that goes. I also applied to several other places including Cabana Beach (our apartment complex),  a tutor for Sylvan Learning Center, a pool technician (cleaning and testing pools), Alachua County Public Schools, and many others that I can’t even remember at this point. Praying that one of them will be an open door and a more positive job experience than what I went through last year.

Robert and I have definitely missed making and eating dinners together. In WV, I typically work until at least 7 pm or later, so It’s hard for us to eat dinner together unless we eat late. We’ve made dinner for the last 3 nights! Saturday night we made burgers, Sunday night I made chicken in the crockpot with an asian style with a side of salad and baked potatoes, and Monday night I decided to get fancy and made a version of shrimp scampi. I say ‘a version’ because we really didn’t have enough shrimp, so I added some broccoli and the noodles were angel hair and not linguini, but it turned out pretty tasty! Tonight was definitely a left-overs kind of night to eat some more of all that good food!

So I just ate the most amazing cinnamon roll. Did I mention that I made it homemade?? Well, I did. I’m pretty proud of myself. I was craving a cinnamon roll, so I found a recipe online to make it from scratch. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure I just ate at least 400 calories…so much for working out…yesterday…Haha. Doesn’t it look amazing??


Well, I think this has been a long enough blog post. I will be sure to keep you updated on the job situation. Don’t forget to leave me comments! Thanks for reading!



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