Smooth Sailing

I am getting ready to start my eighth week of school at Newberry Elementary and everything is going great! My Kindergarten class will be starting Intervention this week, so I will officially have all my classes. My other classes are going very well. I have had only a few minor issues with student behavior, but nothing I haven’t been able to handle. I had a First Year Teacher Training last week and I had to miss a day of school, but it was helpful to learn more about what is expected of the classroom teachers. They trained us on how to enter grades into the online grade book, how to easily access Florida standards, lesson objectives, online activities, assessments, and more through our teacher portal on Canvas. They also gave a short tutorial on the different websites that Alachua County pays for through Edutone. Edutone is like the one stop shop for all the websites we use in school, but you only have to put in one password and then just click on the icon for the website and it will automatically sign you in to any of their websites (i.e. Brainpop, Discovery Education, PBSKids, etc.).

Last week I had the opportunity to sub in a third grade classroom. It went exceptionally well since it was the day that students were participating in trunk-or-treat and had the potential to be rowdy. We also had our Spirit Week a few weeks ago the week of high school homecoming. This coming week is Red Ribbon Week, or bullying awareness week, so everyone is wearing red tomorrow and each day there will be some sort of event or project. Each classroom teacher is working with their students to create either a scarecrow or a pumpkin design (depending on the grade level). Friday is our character parade where students can dress up as a book character and participate in the parade. Should be a fun-filled week!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to fly home for the weekend and visit my parents and attend a friend’s wedding. I had a wonderful time, even though I missed my husband very much! It was great to spend time with my best friend and enjoy a little bit of WV Fall. This coming weekend Robert and I are looking forward to joining my parents down in Anna Maria Island, Florida for a little weekend getaway. The following weekend, he and I will be making a quick trip home for another wedding, followed by another weekend trip to Charlotte, North Carolina with some friends.

Overall, things are going very well this year and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the blessings that God has provided for us. So many exciting events to look forward to and all the while, I can enjoy every minute leading up to it. Thanks for reading and make sure to post a comment!



3 thoughts on “Smooth Sailing

  1. Ashley, I am so glad to see that school is going well and that you are enjoying it. I was glad that I was able to spend time with you last weekend even if it was for a little bit. Looking forward to dancing the night away with you next weekend. Praying for safe travels to spend time with your parents. Love ya, girlie! 🙂


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