A God-Given Attitude

I want to start by apologizing for my lack of blog posts lately but, I actually have several legitimate excuses! Robert and I have been traveling every weekend (except last weekend) since mid October. We visited my parents while they were vacationing in Anna Maria Island, Florida, then we flew to WV the next weekend for less than 24 hours to attend a wedding, followed by a trip to Charlotte, NC to meet some friends halfway for a weekend of disc golf. All fun things of course, just busy busy busy!

The really big news that I’ve been adjusting to over the last couple of weeks is my job situation. My principal informed me that she wanted me to take over a fourth grade class, that was originally placed with a long-term sub. The sub had not taught in over a decade and felt that she could not keep up with the demands of today’s classroom, in addition to dealing with her health. Needless to say, I was not thrilled about the opportunity whatsoever and tried to fight the change, since I truly enjoy my Title I job.

After coming to terms with the fact that I basically had no choice if I wanted to keep a job, I had to focus on adjusting my attitude to the impending circumstances. After about three days of praying and asking God to help me have a positive mindset, I began making plans for the switch. I tried to negotiate the change until after Christmas, but my principal insisted that it needed to happen after Thanksgiving break. In retrospect, it worked out better for me to redesign the classroom over Thanksgiving since we already had plans to stay here; now Christmas break would have been harder to manage since we already have plans to travel home for a week and SC for the second week.

My last day with my Title I students was November 10 and I spent the following week observing the other fourth grade teachers as well as the class I would be taking over to begin building relationships with the students. A parent letter was sent home the Monday before Thanksgiving break and the students were informed about the coming changes. My administration has been very supportive in providing me a stipend to purchase some supplies for my classroom, which has been very helpful since I declined the original $250 that is offered to teachers at the beginning of the year because I would not be purchasing anything in my Title I position. (If I had accepted it and not used it, the $250 would have come out of my paycheck; hence why I declined the money.)

I have spent 8 hours of every day this week (except Turkey day!) working in my classroom, cleaning, rearranging furniture, planning, printing, laminating, copying, planning, taping, hanging, organizing, and of course more planning! I have provided some before and after pictures of the classroom, so please make sure to check them out! I’m so proud of the way it turned out, and I hope the students will be able to thrive in this environment.





Let me know what you think in the comments below! Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll get back to you soon!

Last, but not least, I’ve had an exciting week working hard on my classroom, but still getting to spend time with my second family. Happy Thanksgiving!




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